Essay On Sioux Tribe

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They Sioux are an American tribe of first nations who lived from back before the settlers came until they were transferred to reserves in 1864. The Sioux spoke a variety of languages, including Lakhota, Teton or Teton Sioux and Siouan. The Sioux were controlled by the Chiefs who were respected warriors and leaders. The people of the Sioux also looked up to their elders too. Elders were old and experienced and were consulted a lot they were also the village's story tellers. Each village had a village council who elected the chiefs. The Sioux were fierce fighters and fought to keep their culture. There was a long war called the Sioux war that lasted from 1851 to 1890. There were underwater spirits who controlled all animals and plants. High in the sky, they believed there were spirits called Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds were the most powerful spirits except for the Great Spirit who was the most powerful of all. The Great Spirit was the Sioux God. In the winter, when buffalo were hard to hunt, the Sioux ate dried buffalo meat, called pemmican. Pemmican is like today's beef jerky. The Sioux also ate other meats (bear, deer, antelope, and wild turkey and hens), wild fruits (cherries, berries, and plums) and wild vegetables (potatoes, spinach, and prairie …show more content…
When they did meet them, they were exposed to the cruelty of diseases such as smallpox. The did not like the British americans they had a war with them and they became a feared tribe of the mid west. But one day it all changed a food started depleting and like many tribes they signed a treaty and were put on reserves. In the Great Sioux War of 1876 the Sioux lost to the U.S army Because of short supply of ammo, artillery and food/water. There were rules that they had to obey to stay alive. Follow me and live or die with no honor. They were forced into signing treaties by starvation and convicted of crimes that they did not

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