Essay On Police Security

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The perception of policing has been in existence for many years and for all those years’ society views of the police has remained pretty much the same. In numerous books, movies, and television shows, the society has been presented with a view that idealizes police officers as fearless crime fighters who think little of their own safety as they engage in daily shootouts with drug dealers, serial killers and organized crime hit men. Police officers are expected to deal with many calls for serviced each year. But the number of calls police officers get that are related to enforcing the law is a small part of their day.
The truth is that a significant portion of a police officer’s time is spent handling minor disturbances, service calls, and
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Communities need opportunities for people of many backgrounds to have conversations with each other and with the police, to have a voice in decision making and work together for stronger communities. “If the trust is broken, and safety is compromised, when society experience biased from law enforcement the people may think that the police are discriminating and are enforcing policies unfairly. Police may feel blame for all kinds of social problems, and think they don 't get credit for doing their jobs. In the meantime, our society struggles to balance security of civil rights and public safety.” For police officers it’s a must to have an ethical behavior that includes good character, integrity, courage, allegiance. It will help with the moral problem, alternatives to address the certain issue involved, make a rational and ethically choices, and to accept responsibility for the consequence. Police officers will need ethics to operative in policing to help build trust with people in the communities that they are protecting. It will increase community relations, communication, and encourages mutual responsibility for addressing crime and disasters so the police officer must be the highest level of ethical conduct in a community because they are not just protectors but also role models. To safeguard community entrustment of possessions, authority, and moral encouragement. Chances for discussion and action concerning residents and police will lead to better relationships, more justifiable treatment by the police, greater police receptiveness and responsibility, and better willingness of residents to work with police. Communities will be safer for

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