Essay On Native American Exploration

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The Exploration of the Americas and the Encounter with the New World affected the Native American population and land because Europeans were taking over. European explorers came to North America and claimed it “discovered” by them. Native Americans lived in North America, it was the colonists property, but European explorers took over. As the Native American cultures continued to be destroyed, they faced numerous obstacles because of their religious beliefs. Imagine something being taken away from you without permission, that is how the Native Americans felt when the Europeans took over their land and turned them into slaves, when the the Natives were the one who owned the land. The big thing that the Natives didn’t expect was the Europeans …show more content…
“Perhaps the most important consequence of the Columbian Exchange was the forced migration and enslavement of millions of people” (Vern). This shows that after Columbus took over he took the Natives and sold them and made them work till they died. When taking the Africans as slaves, they were taken for as cheap labor. “The depopulation of large regions of the Americas also led Europeans to search for cheap labor” (Vern). With this evidence, given shows that once Natives were taken away, they were forced to work. Something that also affected Native Americans were the slave trade and it became the turning point. “This global trade shattered the stability, wealth, and human capital of African nations” (Vern). This quote shows how it truly affected the Indian Americans and what they valued and worked hard for was gone because it was just taken from them. The middle passage is a boat filled with African slaves that were put under the boat with no space to even move, everyone was just side by side, shoulder to shoulder and some have died because of the diseases that were still spreading. “On the brutal middle passage alone, 1 to 1.5 million Africans died of sickness , abuse and dehydration” (Vern). The quote given talks about how Indians have suffered even more after just being introduced to the disease and Columbus taking over their land and making them slaves, they have now suffered from hunger, a sanitary environment and even more

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