Essay On Memory And Memory

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Memory is the glue that holds one’s life in place. Memory assists in everyday life by providing essential information. Without memory, one would have a very difficult time understanding and interacting in the world. Memories are the basis of many tasks, as they allow individuals to repeat a certain motion, or remember how to do something. Emotions affect how one sees the world, as they can sometimes cause someone to only see one aspect of a situation, causing perception to differ between individuals. The senses contribute useful details and highly valuable information to one, allowing him/her to view the world with many possibilities. How the senses work, the effect of emotions on memory, and the process in which memories are forgotten are all factors that help contribute to how one interacts in the world.
Throughout one’s life the workings of the senses contribute to how one interacts in the world. The senses of sight and sound work together with the brain to create vivid and detailed memories. Walker states, “Vision is the dominant sense, providing the brain with an immense amount of information about the body's surroundings.” The eyes are the main sense organs responsible for the sense of sight. Millions of photoreceptors,
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Though many memories are created through emotion, multiple factors contribute to memory loss. Short-term memories are formed when the brain needs to quickly process and recapitulate information to assist the information’s storage as a long-term memory. Short-term memories only last briefly, and are either discarded or converted into a long-term memory. Long term memories are remembered for several reasons, among those reasons is intense emotion. It is difficult to forget memories that involve intense emotion, as they are extremely vital to one’s life (Doorey, 2008, para. 14,

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