Essay On John Locke In Frankenstein

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Philosopher John Locke once said, “What worries you masters you.” Locke was a doctor and a professor for over twenty years (Kemerling). Over these twenty years or so, Locke produced a theory. His theory states that a child is a blank state that is formed only through experience. “As children develop, they internalise and integrate more and more regulations and experiences increasing autonomy in carrying out various actions” (Carr 71). Through all of the bad and good experiences, children are formed by what happens with them. Even though all children go through bad experiences, those experiences still play a role in their lives. “Focusing your attention on illness has been scientifically proven to predispose the body to illness” (Rankin). …show more content…
“In a transport of fury, he dashed me to the ground and struck me violently with a stick… I saw him on the point of repeating his blow, when, overcome by pain and anguish, I quitted the cottage, and in the general tumult escaped unperceived to my hovel” (Shelley 97). When the monster walked into the cottage, he talked to the blind man who had children. When the children returned home, they were frightened by the face of the monster and then beat him up. After he was beaten up, the monster left and the family moved away. “I lighted the dry branch of a tree and danced with my fury around the devoted cottage, my eyes still fixed on the western horizon… and with a loud scream I fired the straw, and heath, and bushes, which I had collected” (Shelley 99). Since the monster was beaten up, he wanted revenge and burned the cottage down. After this, the monster went on to kill people because of his anger. After the monster had a bad experience, he lived the rest of his life angry. Everyone child goes through good and bad experiences, but that is what shapes them.
If they have a negative experience, they will live negatively until they have a positive experience. Negative experiences harm the child’s health while the positive experiences makes them healthy. Every child needs to go through the good and bad to shape their

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