Partition Of African American Imperialism Essay

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When the Europeans began to occupy the regions of Africa, political and economic policies forcefully adjusted African people to colonial life. The reason for the Berlin Conference and the partition of Africa was mainly to not exclude European nations from regions that could be valuable in the future. Before the Europeans began implementing economic policies they needed to develop their political systems based on the territory their country occupied. The politic system would set up an administration to monitor day to day activities in African regions. The government now could administer justice, direct tax, and recruit more officials to maintain order in the area. The systems included indirect rule by the British, assimilation and association by the French, the Portuguese use assmilado, and lastly, the Belgians utilized paternalism. Economic interest would allow …show more content…
In Europe taxation was a common thing the people had to pay for, but now instead of paying for it Europeans now implemented the tax on Africans. Africans had no idea what taxation was and did not make an adequate amount of money to pay for it. It was more accessible for the Europeans to take advantage of Africans and exploit them for their self-interest. Africans soon began to revolt against the high taxes as well as desert their jobs. The riots did become violent and had a significant amount of casualties. One riot was the Maji Maji Riot of 1905-1907 in Tanganyika. This rebellion was against the German and African warriors in the region. The Africans were fighting against the oppressive taxation as well as the violence that occurred under the Germans paternalism system. The uprising was fierce causing many people to die on both sides, but the Germans had a successfully defeated the Africans overall. Resistance occurred more frequently in many African areas want to stop colonial rule and seek full

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