Essay on How to Achieve Happiness

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The Pursuit to Happiness

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you” is what Nathaniel Hawthorne once said. (Palha) Unfortunately there is no handbook that one may purchase to achieve happiness, because no one is the same. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for one to obtain happiness through someone else’s viewpoints and research, but there are in my opinion, basic needs that will jumpstart the road to happiness. In contemplation and also through research I have come to the conclusion that people in our lives, experiences, privileges, and attitudes are the key components to achieve happiness. First and foremost, family plays an
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Money cannot buy happiness, sound familiar? It is a very commonly used phrase, but on the contrary, money does by happiness to an extent. Many economists, psychologists, scientists, etc. have studied this exact phrase. Can money really buy happiness? The results from the many studies conducted have for the most part, all been conclusive to each other. In the past half-century, average income in industrialized countries has soared, yet happiness levels have plateaued. It seems absolute income does not make much difference once you have enough to meet your basic needs. Instead, they suggest “the key seems to be whether you have more than your friends, neighbors and colleagues… money matters, but it's not as important as the average citizen thinks.” (Holmes) This suggests that the more money you have the higher status you earn and with a higher status comes higher self-esteem. Weiner also talks about when a society becomes too rich and the effect it will have. “In a wealthy, industrialized society, one where we are supposedly enjoying a bountiful harvest of leisure time, we are discouraged from doing anything that isn’t productive-either monetarily or in terms of immediate pleasure.”(77)

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