Essay On How Did Douglas Learn How To Write By Frederick Douglass

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How did Douglas learn how to write?
Curiosity led Fredrick Douglass to want to learn how to write. It all started one day while working at Durgin and Bailey’s ship yard, strange symbols (letters) on the timber grasp his attention. Douglas sought out the names of the symbols and learned how to write them, and after he accomplished that he yearned for more. Aware that it is illegal for people to teach him to write, he devises a clever plan to learn how to write by using
Reversed psychology on the poor white boys his age. He learned how to write without a paper, pen, or copybook. Douglas paper were “boarded fences, brick walls, and pavements” and his pen was a piece of chalk (345). Other resources he used to learn how to write was Webster’s
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He describe her as a “pious, warm, and tender-hearted woman”, but “slavery soon proved it ability to divest her of these heavenly qualities” (341). Douglas, even informs his readers that because of slavery his mistress became even crueler than his master.
Master’s broken bondage of Family:
Slavery has indirectly and directly turned his married master to break his covenant with God and his wife because greed for power, wealth, or lust. Slavery caused the master to break the bonds in his nucleus family. In most cases, the masters would rapes their female slave, who in results give birth to their master’s child. The mulatto child born out of this circumstances is always in most cases sold because it can cause the mistress to become jealous and cruel.
In the narrative, it amazing how Douglass addressed the psychological effect it can have on the master; if the master keep his child he would have to whip him himself, “but stand by and see one white son tie up his brother, of but few shades darker complexion than himself, and ply the gory lash to his naked back” (317). The sight of the quote, would probably force the master to feel compassionate and feel wicked
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But Douglas wanted this pursuit of freedom to be shared with other slaves too. The others slaves he was around did not have the taste or hunger for freedom so Douglas implanted ideas for freedom in them. His fellows slaves were ready to share his pursuit but wanted to make sure the plan had a high rate of being successful. A trouble they ran into with this plan was that they had minimum knowledge of the North, except New York and if the plan failed, they were sure that death would follow. But the appeal of liberty fueled them. There was a total of four of them that will take this risky journey for freedom with Douglas. The plan was set into motion to be executed during the Easter holiday. They planed to leave

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