Essay On Disaster Recovery Plan

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There are all sorts of disasters that can impact a business ability to perform its normal functions. They can range from a flood, hurricane or a tornado to a switch that fails, a laptop that’s misplaced or contracts a virus. Even what might seem to be a minor event could cause a major impact and even bring some business operations to a complete standstill. There are some statistic’s that indicate about 60% of businesses that experience some sort of disaster will not recover due to the fact they have no established disaster recovery plan. So this is why its so important for business to plan and create a disaster recovery plan so they can be protected and they can ensure their survival in the event of a disaster.

Steps that businesses
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This means that in the event of a disaster the business needs to have their files, hardware and software along with an alternate location so that they will be able to operate. After a disaster, you’ll want to put your Disaster Recovery Plan into action. The following steps should be followed in the wake of a disaster to resume normal business operations:
1. The first step is to ensure the employees are safe, and the building is secure (if applicable). The buildings current state should be properly assessed. If the building is not able to support the critical business processes, an alternate location should be considered. A determination needs to be made to see what can be done to get the business back up and running.
2. In the world today, social media has become a popular means of communication. Since it is very important to communicate quickly with the customers, employees and business partners what better way than to use an instantaneous communication method such as social media. So the first step should be to inform the employees and customers in order to share the restoration plan as well as providing an assurance that some business operations could be effect but the business will have some limitations until all normal services are
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This training is important because a vast majority of security breaches are actually originated from within business, and its usually caused by a disgruntled employee. Secondly, the business can ensure that they have some sort of remote backup. Most of the time business are so preoccupied with securing data from malware and/or hackers, that they can sometimes overlook the need to protect that data from other outside threats such as disasters that could cause physical loss of that same data. (Scheetz,

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