Essay On Crime Scene Investigator

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Crime Scene Investigators gather and collect forensic evidence, such as hairs, fibers, and tissues, to establish their importances during criminal investigations. Crime Scene Investigators are generally forensic scientists or field examiners who have been trained and guided to gather evidence throughout criminal research. People who have pursued careers in this field of biomedical science hold a bachelor's degree in a forensic field, and a degree in other topics, such as biology. Crime Scene Investigators or Forensic Science Technicians record evidence through the use of photographic equipment, organize and arrange scientific documents, record research and data in relation to the investigation, and communicate with scientists based on collected evidence.

Required Education and Training

The most relevant or appropriate form of education for a person aspiring to become a Crime Scene Investigator is a bachelor’s degree in forensic science, forensic anthropology, or forensic biology. Forensic laboratories have established standards which require candidates to have earned a bachelor’s degree in the applicable areas of
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People have attended police academies and have experienced police training, in order to complete training requirements which have been advised for this career path. Forensic training events are often developed for people pursuing careers as crime scene investigators, with training including initial documentation, the examination of a crime scene, and the processing of a scene. CSI training institutions have presented forensic science training involving Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation, requirements of Crime Scene Investigation, and DNA Biological Screening necessary for the profession and Law

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