Essay On Christmas In America

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Everyone country has a different way of celebrating Christmas. Here in America, everyone seems to celebrate in different ways, but we all have our own way that is different from other countries like Ecuador and Nicaragua. In America we love celebrating Christmas practically as soon as Thanksgiving is over. We kick off the Christmas season with Black Friday. Some even start celebrating as early as the day after Halloween. You hear Christmas music throughout the stores and in public places. Everyone usually has a big dinner fest on Christmas Eve night, and then in the morning everyone wakes up and opens presents that they got from “Santa.” That is basically what Christmas is like here in the U.S. In Ecuador, they have a little bit different …show more content…
“For weeks leading up to Christmas, people like to stroll the streets to buy many nice things nativity: figurines, small toys, and seasonal foods. The season does not even begin till December 7 or 8. They call this day La Purisima, which celebrates the Virgin Mary. Families build altars in the entrance of the front door, and they leave the door wide open so that others may see their altar. Many are welcomed to come and worship in front of the altar. During December, children carry colorful bouquets or tropical flowers to the altar of the Virgin where they sing carols. On Christmas Eve, church bells beeckon the people to Midnight Mass and after the service they stand in a line to kiss the image of the Christ Child in the manger. When they get home from the service, they open their presents that they had been given to by Baby Jesus.” As you can see through these three different countries that each celebrates differently. There are some similarities I think within each country, but they all celebrate in a different way. I like the idea of celebrating different. If there was no variety, then everything would be boring and plain. We all have our own different beliefs, but we know that Christmas is the time to celebrate of Jesus’ first coming for

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