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There are certainly some people who possess admirable qualities in this world such as

honesty, selflessness, and confidence . In Harper Lee’s fictional novel To Kill a Mockingbird, readers can understand this by viewing the character Atticus. Atticus plays a vital role in the coming of age story of Scout Finch. In the novel, Scout is maturing in a time of segregation and prejudice and with help of Atticus's advice begins to understand the views of her own town. Atticus displays these praiseworthy characteristics as well as tolerance, courage, and empathy.

Atticus is very empathetic towards almost every aspect of Maycomb. He puts himself in

the shoes of others and is never quick to judge. He comprehends people's feelings and emotions towards a subject and interprets it to grasp
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Instead of being racist towards the black population, like the majority of society in his town, he supported them. He knew what everyone else's opinions were and knew they were incorrect and even did his best to teach his children the right way, to ignore other people's ignorance no matter how harsh or cruel. Atticus even explains to Scout “ If you can learn a simple trick Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view”(Lee 39). Atticus does not hate the people of Maycomb but simply understands their opinions and chooses to overlook them.

Atticus Finch is a man with great empathetic understanding,

boldness, and an open-mind. From being empathetic towards the feelings and emotions of the people of Maycomb, to being tolerant against some of their harsh meanings. Even possessing real courage to take the case of Tom Robinson. He is the best father figure a kid could have, and possess commendable qualities that many adult role models

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