Causes Of Anxiety And Stress

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Many people out in this world suffer from having anxiety and stress. 11 out of 10 people have dealt with anxiety once in a person 's lifetime. 95.7% of human beings feel both anxiety and stress at some point as well. Having these can lead to many different struggles in a human beings life. In situations when a person is having anxiety such as, being late to a meeting, running into things that may slow her down, like the road being icy. She started getting nervous and had a panic attack. She let the stress from the situation, over take her and that is how she ended up being impatient, which led to the panic attack. My story about my anxiety attacks I used to have were quite similar. The first time I had a panic attack was when I was in sixth …show more content…
Feelings will go out of whack and a person (one) do unusual things. When people experience anxiety or stress it usually happens with conflict at work, school, problems at home, and many other life situations. (¨What causes Anxiety Disorders¨) The top two things that anxiety and stress is triggered in most teens are school and problems in life. ¨He´s been feeling a lot of anxiety about his new job¨ (Merriam-Webster). There are so many people that deal with so much stress that he/she can develop having anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks are overwhelming with fear and many types of complications. This can cause many physical, medical, social, and mentally conflicts within a person. Changes in the brain and environmental stress can as well cause a person to do atypical things. ¨When people speak of fear, they are often referring to the body 's physiological response to fear. This know as the fight-flight response. More specifically, when we are in the presence of an immediate danger, our bodies will automatically begin to prepare us to either attack the threat or more often, to escape from the danger¨ (Mental Help). There are also anxiety disorders, in fact there are many different types of disorders in this case. Anxiety disorders are not the result of personal weakness, a character flaw, or poor upbringing. It is unknown on how anxiety disorder are caused (¨What Causes Anxiety Disorders¨). ¨Anxiety …show more content…
A person can stay alert to getting more things done. A product of the body 's fight-or-flight response can cause a large range of physical symptoms.¨When anxiety is no longer helpful or adaptive and begins to cause significant distress, it may cross the realm into an anxiety disorder frequently occurring for the first time in childhood or adolescence, anxiety disorders can appear in a variety of forms and affect behavior, often in dramatic and difficult-to-explain ways¨ (¨Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments¨). Behavioral changes is one of countless things being done with having anxiety. A person 's immune system response is long term. So with anxiety it can make it harder to fight off bacteria. Disorders such as: panic, social anxiety, and phobias can develop after having long term anxiety. People with these disorders are constantly worrying and are overwhelmed. ¨When anxiety reaches this level of distress, and results in impaired functioning, we begin to speak of an anxiety disorder¨ (Mental Help). ¨People have feelings of terror that strike suddenly and repeatedly with no warning¨ (¨What Causes...¨). Anxiety disorders can cause so much distress that it interferes with your ability to have a normal life (¨Anxiety Disorders¨). Phobias,¨The worry often centers on a fear of being judged by others, or behaving in a way that might embarrass or lead to ridicule¨ (¨Anxiety Disorders¨). Overall there are multiple things that are

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