Disadvantages Of Welfare Policy

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Poverty becomes a major problem in society because it focused on the people who are living in poverty. This impacts the economy where it increase the rate of unemployment and the number of deaths in poverty. In response to the problem, the nation starts to use welfare policy to help fix the economy and help the poor people. Welfare policy is the economic support to help benefiting the poor people with giving them medicaid, food and money.The policy was established by President Roosevelt in the depression where he creates welfare to help the poor people by giving them their support in the economy. He mentions that it’s their responsibility by taking care of their income, provide them with education, and create job programs for them to be …show more content…
First, when poverty become a serious problem to the United States, most people had ignored it and was too busy raising wealth in the economy. But according to President Roosevelt in the Great Depression when he says it is the nation’s responsibility of helping the people with low income and provide for them. As a result, he created the welfare policy to ensure the nation would provide support the poor people. Ever since then, poor people are receiving benefits from the economy where they supplied them with job programs, shelters, food rations, aid in medical assistance and provide support of their income.After a while, poor people are starting to get out of poverty as they being employed in job business, having a sufficient amount of food and money to provide their families, and rent a house to live in. Because of the actions of the nation, they had provide support for the poor people, they had decreased unemployment and poverty,and they have improved the economy. However, there are some problems for people to be on welfare. When poor people is put on welfare, they have a hard time to find jobs they wanted with good wages. Since welfare is taking care of the poor people and paying their income, it prevents them to work in professional jobs with better wages. Instead, the poor people will take jobs they don’t want with low wages. And it’s difficult to get out of welfare because it takes a …show more content…
First, they can gain benefits from support of the nation after they gave them food supplies, health medicaid, job programs and shelters. They can also afford to take care of their family and leave poverty. Welfare policy can help lower unemployment into the economy and improving poor people to work in jobs.That means, the people on welfare prevents them to work in professional jobs they might wanted with better pay;rather, they took jobs they don’t like and receives low wages. Also, the government has to raise taxes on rich people’s income,which they will take money pay off work programs. They recommend the government that they shouldn’t have to pay high taxes and doesn’t want them to spend their to provide the poor people. Finally,the poor people wants to get out on welfare. Their reason is to get off on welfare is they don’t want their children to live on welfare. Instead, they wanted their children to become successful where they are educated in school, has high paying jobs and live in houses with good income. Even though, sometimes welfare policy can affect other people and caused problems, but it still able to help poor people to get work in jobs and decrease

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