Essay On Abstinence Before Marriage

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When it come to sexual intimacy, the Church teaches that people should wait until marriage. It teaches that sexual intercourse is for marriage only, for man and wife to completely be one with each other. That means no sex with anyone, no matter how in love you are or how long you've been in a relationship, before you get married. But why? Whats the point of abstinence until marriage? What do we get out of it?
One of the benefits of waiting to have sex until marriage is that it keeps God at the center of the relationship. God created marriage, which means you need him in your marriage in order to have a good one. Establishing no sex keeps the focus on the important parts of a new relationship. The desire to be sexual will come, but God will help you have the strength against it. Trusting in
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Communication will always be one of the most important parts to a healthy relationship. Having those sexual boundaries help the focus remain on enjoying the relationship through communication without being physical. By restraining from sexual satisfaction, you learn important areas of the relationship such as the ability to commit, compatibility and what the future goals are together.
The third benefit is that abstinence protects both partners from being attached if things don't work out. Sex was created by God to tie a couple together forever, but when done outside of marriage the tie is illegitimate. If the relationship doesn’t work out then that break is a lot harder because the two of you have shared that special bond.
The final benefit is that those who wait to have sex until marriage are generally happier. The couples last longer because they have saved that special part of themselves specifically for one another.
Sex is meant for marriage because it creates this soul tie between the two people. It consummates the marriage and waiting creates a bond that holds you and your partner together

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