essay of mental health stigma

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Stigma can be expressed in various term, it can be a brand, labelling or identification. It is a differentiation of a person resulting to a boundary between “us” and “them” (Link and Phelan 2001). These affect consumers in a way they are discriminated and treated differently because they have mental illness. The effect of stigma can take away the rights of consumers who are suffering from mental illness causing social dilemmas (SANE Australia 2013). A survey shows 74% of consumers experience stigma from school, work, and social activities. Consumers had only one feedback, to reduce stigma so they can go with their life peacefully and engage in normal social activities without discrimination (SANE Australia 2006). It is
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Health care professionals also behaved differently once they knew that a person had mental illness by just looking at their patient records. Juliann Garey a person diagnosed with bipolar; the author of the novel ‘Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See’ and a co-editor of ‘Voices of Bipolar Disorder: The Healing Companion’, wrote an article on The New York Times about doctors act of discrimination towards her. She went to a doctor who specializes at ear, nose and throat because of her ear pain. The doctor checked her history in the records and found out she was taking bipolar medications and immediately closed the chart saying: “I don’t feel comfortable prescribing anything, not with everything else you’re on, it was probably safe to take Tylenol” and politely but firmly indicated it was time for her to leave the clinic. The next day she suffered with a ruptured eardrum causing minor but permanent hearing loss (Garey J 2013). The New Zealand survey Like Minds, Like Mine said that impressions from experiencing discrimination can last up to long periods of time and can really affect the lives of consumers. Due to these past experiences, many people think that poor services they receive relates to discrimination because of their mental illness (SANE Australia 2013).The second time she felt the stigma when she went for a gastroenterologist for a check and again after the doctor saw the chart with a

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