Celebrating The Joining Of Alexander Jarman And Ann Eliza Brown

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Celebrating the joining of Edward Alexander Jarman and Ann Eliza Brown.

The bride and groom came from different backgrounds, but still found a way to be together, happy and in love for 66 years. I would first like to tell you about my great grandparents, to give a sense of where my grandparents came from. My family does not remember much, but what is known for certain, this all takes place in Jamaica in the parish of Clarendon.

My grandmother’s father was Joseph and he descended from a Maroon tribe. My mother remembers him as being very tall and very dark with petite facial features, which was a distinction unique to his tribe. The Maroons were African descendants who fought and escaped slavery. After their escape, they established free
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Muum was one of those mothers who was very protective of her son. She was also very controlling and would try to make important decisions for Grandpa Eddie even though he was an adult capable of making his own choices. After the birth of Grandma and Grandpa’s first child Sally, Muum encouraged her son to leave Annie because she did not think Grandma was suitable for him as she was not well educated because she left school at the age of 12, in order to help her parents with the farm. Grandpa Eddie on the other hand, had gone on to trade school and became a machinist and so, Annie was sent back to Rosewell to her mother.

My grandma Annie later met another man who she had her second child Barbara with. Years had passed and Eddie had not met any quality women like his mother wanted and he realized how much he loved and missed Annie so, against his mother wishes he went on bended knees, begged Annie to come back which she did, hence four more children, all girls I might add. After which he got a job at one of the bauxite plants where he excelled in his field and was the head of his department. Grandpa worked at an Alcan Aluminum Plant for over 50 years until the day he
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19 years and 6 kids later Edward Alexander Jarman and Annie Eliza Brown tied the knot as nothing and no one could stand in the way of their love for each other. The wedding took place in a church with Eddie and Annie’s friends and neighbors, and all of Grandma’s family. For this day, Annie had her hair straightened with a hot iron and as you can see she adorned her style with a princess tiara. Now grandpa had very curly hair, “he had to paste it with oil to get this part, and nah ask him if him nah look slick,” my mother tells me. From what my mother remembers there was an enormous fruitcake (also known as rum cake) with icing and little edible beads, which my mother says was the best cake she ever had and I am sure it was on such a happy day. My Grandma was overjoyed to be marrying the man she loved and that all six of her children were a part of this day. My aunty Marcia (or her given name Nadine) was about 11 at the time and recalls very little of this day “I remember that I hated the dress they put me in,” and my mother remembers “my hair was so short and so nappy I was telling my aunt not to catch me hair in one, but as kids you were seen and not heard. So I just remember I cried the whole time,” as you can see there was only one child with hair not as neat as the others, that is my mom, Pamela. But, as mentioned before, she definitely enjoyed the cake. After the service, the wedding party went to the house where there was good

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