Erik Piaget's Theory Of Human Growth And Development

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Human Growth and Development

The socialization process describes how children develop into adults by developing their sense of self, language skills, and intelligence. These processes are considered successful when children learn the social behaviors, attitudes, and values that are the norms for their particular cultures.
Growing up in Sierra Leone on a farm, what seems different to Western society is a wonderful life to a child born in Africa. Children largely learn these behaviors from their parents and other adults in their lives as well as from their peers, social institutions such as schools, and the media. Jean Piaget 's work on cognitive development influenced how cognitive psychology has researched and understood how children
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Erikson believed that personality develops in a series of stages. Erikson’s theory describes the impact of social experience across the whole lifespan” (Cherry, 2016). Once my personality developed, I was known for certain characteristics that I displayed. For example, I am outspoken and love to debate issues. I have to prove my points, especially if I feel that I am correct. This is not necessarily a positive trait but it is in fact who I …show more content…
They got married and became husband and wife. As a consequence, they chose to start a family by consummating their marriage. My father’s sperm fertilized my mother’s egg. The egg became implanted in her womb and I began to grow. After a successful pregnancy, I was introduced to the world and began to experience the world through my eyes as an infant, toddler, teenager until I became the woman that I am today. Psychologist Jean Piaget proposed a theory centered on the intellectual development of children. Concepts such as schemas, egocentrism and assimilation are central to Piaget 's theory. Each stage of development is marked by distinct changes in how children think about themselves, others and the world. "Child Development Stages. A Summary of The Different Stages of Child Development" (Cherry, Dec. 2015). As a result life has taught me to be a caregiver and thus I am the LPN here today studying to become a Registered

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