Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Human Development Essay

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Human development refers to the procedure through which people normally develop and progress from early stages through adulthood. It means the development in totality such as physical, social, cultural, mental and emotional development. The distinctive parts of development and improvement that are measured include physical development, psychological development and social development. The field of human improvement contains numerous HYPOTHESES and their diverse thoughts regarding how kids improve and change as per time ( Berk, 2007).

There are various assumptions which make understanding that youngsters’ improvements are a test. This essay will discuss about two theorists since they give structure to human development which provides the order of stages that influences human improvement.

The two theorists that are going to be used in this essay are Erik Erikson and Urie Bronfenbrenner.

The first theorist is Erik Erikson. He was born in Germany in 1902 and died in 1994 and developed the socio-cultural theory and his theory is also known for different stages. Erikson’s theory is linked to social and cultural development. According to Erikson, it is very important that a person must successfully move through all the eight stages of development through the lifespan and concentrated more on social connections and depicts the effect of social experience over the entire lifespan. These stages include: -
• Trust versus Mistrust
• Autonomy versus…

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