Equal Rights For Women Are Suppressed By Patriarchy Essay

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Equal rights for women are suppressed by patriarchy. “Practicing” by Marie Howe and “Experience” by Carrie Fountain explore womanhood through the lenses of feminism in response to patriarchy. “Practicing” presents the speaker’s first experience towards becoming a woman when she explores her sexuality with other pre-mature girls while “Experience” unfolds the speaker’s ambiguity towards entering womanhood in comparison to the initiation of manhood.
Social constructions teach young girls to feel ashamed and fearful of homosexuality. In “Practice”, the speaker expresses her guilt after experiencing her first sexual encounter involving not only a girl, but multiple girls. Instead of recalling her first moments with passion and warmth, the speaker creates an implicit sense of guilt by using explicit imagery and diction. The speaker chooses to mask her first kiss with a girl and labels it as mere practicing instead of recognizing the experience as a pivotal moment in her life. Imagery amplifies the speaker’s awareness and sense of guilt by depicting how the room had to be completely dark in lines “turned out the lights” in order for her to accept the homosexual acts that had occurred. Due to the fact that there are even social and political consequences that reject homosexuality, such as public-shaming, bullying, and even laws permitting marriages of the same gender, this explains why the young girls are afraid of publicly accepting their sexuality and experiences. These…

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