Equal Opportunities Essay example

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In this essay I am going to explain the term ” equal opportunities” in relation to early years practice. Explore this in the context of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and explain the impact the Convention on UK legislation. I am also going to suggest some steps which in my consideration can implement equality of opportunity for children in UK. Equal opportunity is a descriptive term for an approach intended to give equal access to a certain social environment or to ensure people are not specifically excluded from participating in activities such as education, employment or health care on the basis of immutable traits. The lack of access …show more content…
This Article teaches us how vital it is for every child from birth to be thought tolerance and approval for people of other cultural and be able to get access to the same level and standard of education. Children need to be involved in process of learning about other cultures in order to understand them better. In this way children become familiarly with all the information, accept them and learn that everybody has equal rights and deserve approval and respect from Other people, no matter how old they are. (UN Convention, Article 29) Other articles express children’s rights in terms that stress how children’s exercise of those rights must be responsible and respectful of the rights of others. Article 15, states that children have the rights to meet with others and to join or set up association, unless the fact of their doing so would violate the rights of others. . Every child should be allowed to join those groups, in this way children learn about each other and build up their level of tolerance. Through social life children and young people meet and observe other children and learn from each other. (UN Convention, Article 15) Another example of children rights is Article 31 which again promotes the rights to rest and leisure, play and recreational activities appropriate for the age of the child. Children need to have the time to re-charge they energy, rest and play with each other or, and on their own. In many situations we

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