Epistemology : The Theory Of Knowledge Essay

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Epistemology is the theory of knowledge which aims to answer the question “How do we know?” In epistemology, we study nature, source, limits and validity of all knowledge. More specifically, epistemology considers the question “What is Knowledge?” and how does one obtain knowledge. Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of specific aspects of truth, belief and justification. Knowledge acquisition can be obtained through epistemology through a rationalism or empiricism approach. I will research and analyze the question “How do you know?” and develop my perspective on epistemology. Do you learn from logic, like Plato or through experience like John Locke? I will describe the Rationalist and Empiricist approach and summarize several epistemological philosophers who influence thinking through the years.
Learning about the world through our minds using innate ideas, reason, and deduction is the way to obtain knowledge per rationalism. Rationalists believe that knowledge is acquired by a priori process or intuition. A priori is where knowledge is the logical truth or dictation, and not through evidence. In epistemology, rationalism is the view that reason is the main source of knowledge; using our minds and thinking things through. Rationalism is a theory in which the truth is not sensory, but empirical and reason is the starting point for knowledge. In order for one to consider themselves a rationalist they must adopt one of these three basic claims: intuition/ deduction,…

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