Essay on Epistemology And The Nature Of Knowledge

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Briefly describe what is distinctive about naturalized epistemology. How does it differ from classical foundationalism? Which is preferable, and why?

Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge, naturalized epistemology is the naturalistic approach to this. Naturalized epistemology is the philosophical argument that approaches theory of knowledge with focus of methods, results, and theories from the empirical natural sciences. The naturalistic approach accepts the need for cooperation between traditional conceptual analysis and empirical methods, but furthermore what is reliable in both knowledge and cognitive senses. That the foundation of knowledge is through the observations we make (our senses) and that all knowledge is derived from this. Classical foundationalism is the view about the structure of knowledge. Foundationalist 's believe ‘that all knowledge and justified belief rest ultimately on a foundation of non-inferential knowledge or justified belief’ (Fumerton, 2000). These two philosophical arguments will be introduced further within this essay, outlining their values and then core differences.

Naturalized epistemology in more recent years has been explored with heavy reference to Quine’s essay, ‘Epistemology Naturalized’ (Quine, 1969). Throughout the essay, Quine explores the idea that we do in fact have knowledge and that we should instead explore how and why we form our truths. Therefore the idea of naturalized epistemology remains that ‘his…

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