Epic Of Beowulf : Epic Hero Essay

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An epic hero is someone whom many people have heard of but, yet, many do not know what defines one. An epic hero is one characteristic of many that is included in any Anglo-Saxon epic poem. To the Anglo-Saxons an epic hero is someone who is larger than life; he or she is daring and noble. An epic hero is always fighting an evil force and usually is not seen as a hero before the legendary quest he or she completes. In many of the Anglo-Saxons songs, the epic hero will show qualities of how they are the strongest of men. For example, many of the heroes will demonstrate these qualities through a battle with an evil creature or person. The most common and well known story of an epic hero is Beowulf. Beowulf was an exceptionally mighty man, who was loved by all the Geats. To the Geats, Beowulf was the strongest man they have ever seen; he always showed his true bravery and honor in his battles. Beowulf defines an epic hero by showing his heroism, honor, integrity, and he is larger than life during his three quests of fighting Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon. When Beowulf hears about what Grendel has done to Hrothgar’s kingdom, he wants to be the one to save the town. This demonstrates Beowulf’s heroism from the beginning, as it shows the reader Beowulf wants to be a hero and rescue the town from the monster, Grendel. As Beowulf arrives to Hrothgar’s kingdom, a guard greets him with caution and asks why he and his men have come to their kingdom. Beowulf…

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