Epic Of Beowulf : Epic Hero Essay

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Michelle Carollo
Mrs. Gartenberg
British Lit.
20 October 2014
Beowulf: Epic Hero
In the story of Beowulf, he exhibits many of the traits of an epic hero. There are many examples in the poem when he displays a super talent. In the story it says that he has the strength of thirty men combined. The second example is where Beowulf has to face fate and accepts it. He went in to battle many times knowing that he might not make is out alive. Lastly Beowulf has a love for weapons, when he fights Grendel’s mother he uses the big shiny sword that he was able to take off the wall. These are all some of the characteristics of an epic hero.
In the poem, Beowulf has a super talent. This is a characteristic of an epic hero. In the story it mentions that Beowulf has the strength of thirty men. His super talent is his super strength. In the poem Beowulf’s battle with Grendel the Geats try to help Beowulf but their weapons do not work on Grendel because he blunted all the blades. With Beowulfs super strength he is able to rip off Grendel’s arm with no weapons, only his bare hands. Another way that Beowulf used his super strength was in Grendel’s mother’s house. Beowulf not only manages to lift the sword from its place on the wall but he cuts off Grendel’s mother’s head with it. (530-540) The third example of Beowulf’s strength in the poem is when Beowulf cuts off Grendel’s head out of rage and presents it to Hrothgar and the Danes. It took four men to carry the head back to Herot but Beowulf…

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