Environmentalism In An Enemy Of The People

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Jonah Halili
Literature Class

The title An Enemy of the People is very twisted. While trying to help the people in the town, the protagonist, Dr. Stockmann, was being interrupted by his brother, Peter Stockmann, the editor of the People’s Messenger, Hovstad, and the printer, Aslaksen. When Dr. Stockmann gave out the truth about the pollution in the water to the people, they rejoiced him for being the hero of the town. What they did not know yet was the cost of the renovations to the town. Once the people heard about the cost, they immediately turned against Dr. Stockmann which made him an enemy of the people. Dr. Stockmann was a very popular man in the beginning. He always had company in his house until they turned on him. He had lost
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Like many people say “History repeats itself” and it also proves that this saying is true according to evidence for example the Romans war against the Jews and Christians in comparison to the U.S war against the Muslims. First of all, what is environmentalism? Environmentalism was developed in the twentieth century and originated from the French word “environer” which translates to neighborhood. Environmentalism means that it is involving the natural causes or “environment” that is around you in your certain situation. This includes water, air, organisms, etc. I really do not know if I would be against or for Peter Stockmann. I would be against Peter Stockmann in some cases because since the water in the Baths is contaminated, they could do much harm to the town which leads to reducing tourism and which also leads to the reducing of money. If Dr. Stockmann did not get the truth out there people would still be going to the Baths causing them to have ailments. There would be some cases I would be for Peter Stockmann because unemployment would go away, more jobs for the poor; more money for the town, it would take two years for renovation, and possibly Peter Stockmann …show more content…
It could also possibly cause an uproar depending what kind of work the scientist published. Scientist should also keep their work secret because if it was a war, the scientist would not want the enemy to know about their discovery making them in danger. Like Dr. Stockmann, other scientist could lose their house, all their money, and their encouragement from the people. There are also other times where they can publish their work because it could help the world or environment and will not affect them or the people. If they did keep their discovery secret in war, the troops would have an advantage with weaponry or even bombs. It is very vital to know if a scientist should publish or not publish his work depending on the case if it will help the environment or

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