Murray Darling Basin Case Study

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The Murray-Darling Basin is facing many environmental, social and economic factors that affect the life around the basin. The Murray Darling Basin is facing many environmental issues that are caused by humans. The farmers near the MDB use fertilisers that run into the water when it rains and pollutes the water. The pollution from the fertilisers cause algae blooms to form. Another way that humans have affected the environment is through the use of irrigation for crops. The use of irrigation causes the salinity levels in the Murray-Darling Basin to rise. The abnormal salinity levels make it harder for natural plants around the basin to grow, as well as making it harder for farmers to grow their crops. The Murray-Darling Basin also has economic …show more content…
The algae blooms caused by irrigation can be harmful to the waterways, and it extremely costly to fix it. The Murray-Darling Basin runs through four different states which creates social issues such as making it harder to control the decisions made that effect the MDB. Another issue is the MDB is facing is that
Proposal 1 has both positives and negatives on the environmental, economic and social aspects of the proposal. Proposal 1 intends to help the Murray-Darling Basin by limiting and allocating a certain amount of water to all farms and towns. The proposal will have positive effects on the environment such as that it will allow more water being retained in the rivers and allow the salinity of the river system to go down as the extra water will help flush out the excess salt in the rivers. Another positive effect on the environment is that the extra water will help stabilise the wetlands around and in the basin. However, there are also some negative effects that proposal 1 has on the environment. An issue that proposal 1 has not addresses is the pollution. Although there would be better water use management the quality of the water may not be safe as it can still be polluted by the blue-green algae blooms and the fertilisers. Even
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Proposal two helps the environment more and with the less negative effects by using the second proposal it not only helps save and limit water usage but it also helps save the banks of the river, reduce algae growth, reduce salinity, better suit the native wildlife, and grow easier in the conditions. These improvements to the environment in and around the MDB help save the wildlife and help the farmers when farming their crops. Furthermore, this proposal also helps with the economic factors that involve the Basin for example the crops allow for better and longer use of land and water resources and thus more food produced and a better economic return for farmers. This proposal allows the farmers to make more money easily and to also help the environment while doing it. Additionally, the farmers would have a more positive outlook on proposal two as they would feel less despair in drought/flood because of the more resistant plants and crops meaning the drought/flood cycles will have less impact on their daily lives. The proposal would also inflict a positive response as the farmers would have more opportunities to make more money with limited costs to them. Overall this proposal is better suited to help the community as it has greater positive effects on the environmental, economic and social factors surrounding the Murray-Darling Basin with limited negative

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