Environmental Science : Earth 's Atmosphere Essay

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Earth’s Atmosphere
Ikotun Oluwatoke
Environmental science 2000
Student number: 7733112

Human activities has caused increase of dangerous air pollutant and climate change which has led to serious health illness, the increase in population is directly proportional to the increase in human sources of pollution. In the early model of Earth’s atmosphere, oxygen was a minor component of the Earth’s atmosphere and so many theories were made up for why this was so. However, as life evolved, oxygen became abundant. Today, oxygen and nitrogen makes up the largest volume of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere with 78.09% and 20.95% respectively and consist of trace gases. Trace gases makes up less than 1%, example of a trace gases includes: CO2, He, H and CH4. Earth’s atmosphere is composed of various gases with distinct layers, the Earth’s atmosphere protects and absorbs x-rays and short-wave radiation from warming the surface of the Earth. Air pollution weakens the ozone layer of the earth which has resulted to the decrease in oxygen level. Air pollution is any unwanted chemical or material that contaminate the air resulting in the degradation of air quality. Anthropogenic activity or natural occurring processes forms small liquid or solid particle in the atmosphere called aerosols, some absorb sunlight and contribute to climate change. The impact of global air pollution in the environment and climate is a great concern of study, however, the depletion in the…

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