Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On Our Environment Essay

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Environmental Pollution Pollution is the one of the biggest problem in the earth. Pollution means environmental bad effects which are harmful and dangerous for human life. It has changed our environment for past couple years, and it’s getting worse and worse. One big cause of pollution is that humans don’t care enough about our environment. There are many categories of pollution like water pollution, land pollution, and air pollution. On the other hand people don’t know four other big pollution that really affects our nature and environment, which are visual, thermal, light and noise pollution. The major problem is that how can we stop, and what will help to control this problem? Environmental pollution has become cause of a lot of problem which effects on human physical, economical, and living situations. Therefore, we talked about there are seven kind of pollution; we are going to explain each one cause and effects.
• Water pollution:
Water is the most important element in the earth, and it is very valuable and need for living thing. Water pollution desecrate of any body of water such as underground water, lakes, oceans and little pond. It causes when people throw waste products and other substance such as chemicals, plastic bag, oil spill, and toxic. These all make water unhealthy b. It is very important to clean the water not for human but the other creature who drinks and live in it. Not only the animal but also effect plant to. For example, water use…

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