Environmental Organization : Conservation Law Foundation Essay

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In 1997, an environmental organization called Conservation Law Foundation raised many eyebrows by uniting with the global Power Company AES who owned billions of dollars on the competitive bidding for the New England Electric Company. The utility owed by the two organizations became the largest power corporation in the area at that time. The interesting thing is that, AES and CLF hold different purposes in this joint bid. The former’s goal was to expand their business in a new market, while the later was focusing on closing the electricity-generating plants which caused serious pollution. However, the outcome is beneficial for both sides. By cooperating with CLF, AES was able to show its corporate social responsibility of protecting the environment. On the other hand, by cooperating with AES, CLF was earning the chance to become a board member who can make a direct effect upon the policies that generate pollution (Bendell, 2000).
This kind of collaboration between enterprises and civil society groups is comparatively new and not very popular. Many social workers and scholars are worry about this working partnership due to the different goals of corporations and civil society groups. The majority of civil society groups, such as non-government organizations (NGOs), are still working in the traditional way separating from the business.
However, evidently there are many benefit NGOs could gain from cooperating with business, such as financial support, shared value and…

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