Environmental Impact On The Earth Essays

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All living organisms cause some sort of an impact on the earth simply by being alive. Although it is impossible to live a life that causes no sort of harm to your surroundings, the environmental impact of human beings is remarkably high. We have created a society of overconsumption and overproduction and for this reason, our planet is in serious jeopardy. One of our biggest issues is the amount of plastic that we use as a society and, in turn, how much of it is afloat at sea. Furthermore, our need to consume farmed meats on a daily basis is quickly depleting our ozone layer. Lastly, our throw-away attitude towards the material objects that we buy is very quickly filling our landfills. These three topics play a key part in the well-being of our planet. As a society, it is incredibly important for us to be conscious about the environmental impact that we are making every single day. We often overlook the amount of waste that we create in a single day as it is easy to do so. For example, we go to the grocery store and buy our groceries for the week, the majority of these items will be packaged in plastic and bagged in plastic shopping bags for easier transport. We then buy an iced drink from Starbucks which comes in a plastic cup, served with a plastic straw for more convenient consumption. We discard our garbage in a bin, continue our day and never think of it again. This pattern of overpackaging and thoughtlessness waste creation is very quickly destroying our planet.…

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