Environmental Essay: The Earth From Green To Grey

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The Earth from Green to Grey

Something I think about often is what are we doing to stop pollution on this planet and is it enough. Most of the time my answer is that society is not doing enough to stop or prevent pollution. The next thing I think of is what are some of the factors causing pollution in our world. Some of the reason I believe the earth is so polluted is because we are a very wasteful society, we heavily depended on unclean energy, and lastly we are using products that are destroying our environment. I believe that if we stop wasting as much as we do now and, switch to renewable energy, and use products safe for the environment we could help clean up this dirty world we live in.

Something I know I 'm at fault for is being wasteful
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Many of these products can be recycled but there are some many that just slip through the cracks and end up all over the environment. Whether it is on the land or in the sea it doesn 't Mather it all has to go somewhere and most of the time it 's just over looked. The ocean is the worst in my opinion because that 's where much of our plastic products seem to end up which is not only bad for us but it is bad for our marine wildlife which in many cases consume that trash and gets into there system causing them to die because we didn 't do the right thing and recycle something because we didn 't think it was a big deal. In the article AN OCEAN OF PLASTIC Doucette sheds some light on this problem by saying “In the United States, 25 billion pounds of plastic go unaccounted for each year. Where does it go? Where does a relatively indestructible material go in a finite world? "Except for a small amount that 's been incinerated, every bit of plastic we 've put in the oceans still remains …show more content…
Once society wakes up and truly understands that we cannot be wasteful, we have to have clean energy and we must recycle and use eco friendly products It will just get worse. However if society can wrap there head around this and come to the conclusion that it is a real and serious problem then maybe they can see that it 's not to late to save the planet we all love so much. Maybe we have a chance to change how we live and then one day we can turn the Earth back from grey to

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