Environmental Degradation And Climate Change Essay

755 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Environmental degradation and climate change affects the health and nourishment of the poor as well as lower their capacity to produce. Degradation of global environment such as air, water, and soil pollution, deforestation, and excessive waste contribute to human health threats around the world. Being exposed to all those environmental degradations can cause severe diseases; for instance, 19-25% of the diseases worldwide are connected to environmental elements. In addition, a big percentage of the annual cost of health and quality of life due to environmental degradation; in other words, the disclosure to air, water, and soil pollution, to some chemicals in the surroundings, or to clamor, can cause cancer, respiratory, and cardiovascular illness, as well as kidney toxicity. For example, 43% of the children’s mortality, between 0-14 years old, is blamed to poor environmental conditions. In addition, climate change produces serious disasters, such as floods and droughts, which bring consequences as famine and food shortages. Indeed, air pollution is one of the most dangerous health problems due to environmental degradation in many countries because it is linked to respiratory illnesses as asthma, which in some cases cause premature death. Some researchers establish that children are more vulnerable than adults, and the rate of infant mortality is higher in poor areas. The fact that children while growing make stronger their immune system puts them in…

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