Environmental Crisis And Human Health Issues Essay

1290 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
There are many problems in, and with today’s society. Ranging from society itself to environmental crisis’ and human health issues. In many perspectives the human race has always ignored or veered away from any kind of warnings, whether scientific or natural. Some of these warnings directly affect us and some take years to even rear their heads into view. Many people believe that these effects are “one and done”. Although many renowned scientist and authors agree that these effects can, and will stick around and continue to take its toll on not only the environment, but also the human race. Just as seeing some of these modern issues it really comes down to each individual and so will the effects.Although scholars agree that humans affect the Earth’s biosphere thereby affecting the human race and its entirety, they also disagree on a way to right the issue at hand.
Sandra Steingraber, an ecologist, wrote in “Despair Not”, clearly outlines some prevailing issues within today 's society such as harming the environment and ourselves. Steingraber explains that, as of right now there is not a singular environmental crisis, but in fact there are two. One crisis, Steingraber lays, out is human impacts on the ozone layer from escaping air polluting gases. The second was more directed to the overwhelming amount of health concerns from exposure to harmful chemicals and the impact it makes on us as humans (745). Steingraber makes it very clear that these are just warnings or that…

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