Essay on Environmental Bottom Line : An Organization

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• Environmental bottom line Environmental bottom line refers to the record for an organization 's performance since triple bottom line deems every issue connected to the concerns of environment. The major objective of the companies of 21st century is never merely to assist in protecting the environment through generating 'green ' or rather products that are environmentally responsible but similarly possess personal sustainable, environmentally-sound business practices. Companies are anticipated to operate within environmentally responsible approaches, through schemes like initiating steps towards reducing the personal environmental trail, using less energy as well as consuming little or no non-renewable resources thus making such firms to produce fewer wastes to the environment.

Five interpretations of TBL
Five broad categories capture the current diverse state of TBL performance measurement and reporting in most of the company operations as per most of the Triple Bottom Line Measurement and Reporting that has been witnessed of late. These five categories are more towards showing various business justifications alongside community analysis expectations in support of triple bottom line reporting and measuring. The five interpretations incorporate the following:

 Wait and see
In this category, most of the organizations believed to be contented with the current approaches towards accountability and communication, which might be attributable to the truth that…

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