Essay on Environmental and Geographic Features

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A) Significant environmental/physical geographic factor that contributed to the development of Egypt. Egypt has become one of the most populated countries in the Middle East. But, how did all of these people get there and why did they choose Egypt to settle? Early Egypt can thank it’s main river source, The Nile, for early human civilization. Without “The Gift of the Nile,” Egypt would not have been a desirable place for people to settle. Being that mostly hot, dry deserts surround Egypt, the Nile River provided a sufficient amount of water for irrigation of crops and transportation. According to Louis L. Orlin in the book, Life and Thought in the Ancient near East, the Nile River “is the main avenue of every habitable community” in …show more content…
However, it was not called tea, rather “kia.” It was a beverage that was created “from the leaves by boiling” (A Global History, Saberi, 2010). Back in this time, tea was only drunk for medicinal purposes. By the conclusion of the 5th century, Chinese tea was being sold abroad and traded with Mongolian and Turkish merchants. China’s trade with tea dramatically increased during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Since China was making more money, they developed a new high-quality tea and it was now being drunk for more than medicinal purposes. People were enjoying tea as a “refreshing and stimulating beverage” (Saberi, 2010). Finally, tea was no longer constrained to only the Chinese. By the 8th century, tea was being traded to various places. Tea was a huge commodity in the trade industry and everyone wanted it. The Chinese poet, Lu Yu, wrote a book called “Ch’a Ching” about the many uses of tea and which tools to use for tea making. This book helped tea to flourish to different countries. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), teapots were created and tea was beginning to be traded with the West. Also, “tea houses” were created for people to relax and enjoy tea drinking. In the 17th century, tea made its way into France, but was only drunk by the royal and rich because of it’s high cost. British traders began to transport tea into Morocco in the 19th century. Here, they made their own take on the

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