Environmental And Economic Effects Of Online Shopping

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“Beep….Beep!” is usually the noise of the cash register people hear when they go shopping, but for some, the sound of shopping is a “click”. Online shopping has become popular all over the world. The internet is a huge part of a majority of everyone’s daily lives, which may contribute to online shopping being the latest trend. Since the birth of this new trend, it has grown significantly and appears to be the future of shopping.
Along with the creation of the internet came the beginning of online shopping. In 1998, the average shopper went to the mall 3.1 times a month, compared to 3.7 times in 1989 (Knack 1). Soon malls were not the only place to shop. In 2000, online sales were about $5.3 billion, only a fraction of what retail made, but researchers said it would take a few years for
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The process used when shopping in store, Manufacturer to store to households. If there are any books that do not get sold from the store, they are transported back to the warehouse to be recycled or sold to discount bookstores. It may not sound like there is a difference between the amount of pollution but there is a difference. H. Scott Matthews, along with Chris T. Hendrickson and Denise L. Soh state in the article “Environmental and Economic Effects of E-commerce”, “Overall, emissions from passenger vehicle trips (including fuel production) contribute significantly to environmental effects. By eliminating these trips, emissions of greenhouse gasses and conventional air pollutants are significantly reduced in the e-commerce model” (Matthews, et. al. 4). Online shopping may benefit the environment.
In conclusion, online shopping is the new and effective way to shop. It is not only convenient but it helps the environment by reducing the carbon emissions in the air, and makes it easier for moms to shop without taking their children out to the stores. The history of this topic has and is still evolving. In as fast as a “click”, this trend may be the future’s way of

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