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Entrpreneurship a Tool to create value:
- Create new jobs - Create new industries - Provide new ideas and tools to society - Boost economic performance

Who is an entrepreneur? * Being an entrepreneur is more than just creating a new business, it also implies: * Taking risks beyond security * Constantly seek new opportunities * Having the tenacity to push an idea through to reality

Creativity and innovation
General management skills, business know-how, and networks

Classical Econ. Vs. Entrepreneurship * Entrepreneurship deals with “disrupting” the existing equilibrium, by creating a new firm/product/service... *
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There are economic incentives to start a new venture: -Monopoly power? -Above-average returns?
But how strong are these incentives? -Only very few exceptional of new ventures achieve monopoly power in the short/medium term… -If we take into account the number of hours invested, creating new ventures are “not so profitable” after all…
There are strong motivational drivers of entrepreneurial orientation:
-Create and design your own job (rather than having a boss)
-It is a non-routine, varied activity
-Live your own dream
-Create something where there is nothing

Current economic situation may not seem appropriate BUT… -There has never been a cheaper time to start a new business. -There’s a lot of talent out there waiting to be employed. -Many investors looking to invest in new ideas, but they don’t dominate the technological/digital arena. -Urgent need to develop new industries (and jobs). -Social entrepreneurship. Worldwide there are plenty of social needs that are waiting to be fulfilled.

21st Century Trends in Entrepreneurship Research
Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Trends in Entrepreneurship Research
Entrepreneurial Cognition
Global Entrepreneurial Movement
and Minority Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurship 2
How important is entrepreneurship for our

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