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Arguments and reasons to be against the death penalty

Argument two: The death penalty is morally wrong by having the death penalty we are effectively sinking to the same level as those we are trying to punish. While people disagree on ethics and moral codes most people agree that killing is fundamentally wrong. Even if killing people would have better consequences it still morally the wrong thing to do. Mercy is objectively a good thing and retribution isn't. This doesn't mean that we should let violent criminals on the streets but means that we needn't sink to there level and kill them just like they killed the victims.

Argument three: Violence begets more violence
One of the best arguments for the death penalty is that if we
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Argument five: The death penalty is expensive
Many people might be surprised that this is in fact one argument against the death penalty because they believe that it is cheaper than keeping a criminal alive indefinitely imprisoned. They are in fact wrong. Nearly all major studies have concluded that the death penalty is in fact more expensive than life imprisonment because of the extensive appeals process which is associated with the death penalty. When the death penalty is being considered there are so many more legal avenues people pursue which cost the state thousands of dollars each day. It is cheaper to simply lock people up and throw away the key than it is to go through that extensive process.

Argument six: The death penalty is cruel and unusual while many might say that this is one of the weaker arguments of the death penalty, I strongly believe that it is in fact valid. Locking someone up in a cell and telling them are going to be killed on this date. This sadistic and the level to which we should sink. It is a sense of worse than what many criminals subjected their victims to.
Argument seven: Our criminal justice system is not proportional
Those who argue with arguments against the death penalty often point out that criminals who kill deserve to be killed and while this seems to make sense on an

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