English Literature Paper

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General Certificate of Secondary Education Higher Tier June 2014

English Literature
Unit 2 Poetry across time Thursday 22 May 2014 1.30 pm to 2.45 pm



For this paper you must have: • an AQA 16-page answer book • an unannotated copy of the Anthology Moon on the Tides.

Time allowed • 1 hour 15 minutes Instructions • Use black ink or black ball-point pen. • Write the information required on the front of your answer book. The paper reference is 97102H. • Answer two questions. • Answer one question from Section A and the question in Section B. • For Section A, you must have a copy of the AQA Poetry Anthology Moon on the Tides in the examination room. The text must not be annotated and must not contain additional notes or
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[36 marks]

OR Question 4 0 4 Compare the methods the poets use in ‘Cold Knap Lake’ (page 24) and in one other poem from Place, to show how places can hold strong memories for people.

[36 marks]



Conflict OR Question 5 0 5 Compare the ways the poets demonstrate the effects of conflict on people in ‘Extract from Out of the Blue’ (page 35) and in one other poem from Conflict.

[36 marks]

OR Question 6 0 6 Compare the ways the poets present feelings of confusion in ‘Come On, Come Back’ (page 46) and in one other poem from Conflict.

[36 marks]

Relationships OR Question 7 0 7 Compare the ways the poets use form and structure to help present their ideas in ‘Ghazal’ (page 54) and in one other poem from Relationships.

[36 marks]

OR Question 8 0 8 Compare the effects the poets create with the endings of their poems in ‘The Farmer’s Bride’ (page 60) and in one other poem from Relationships.

[36 marks]

Turn over for Section B


Turn over ►


Section B: Unseen poetry You are advised to spend about 30 minutes on this section. Question 9 0 9 Read the poem below and answer the question that follows.

Long Distance II Though my mother was already two years dead Dad kept her slippers warming by the gas, put hot water bottles her side of the bed and still went to renew her transport pass. You couldn't just

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