English Language Listening Skills Essay

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English Language Listening Skills
1. Telephone – This is an activity that could be used to help students listen carefully to their classmates by listening to a message and passing it on to the classmate next to them. This is a fun way to encourage students to try to listen to the message and pass it on correctly.
2. Audio textbooks- Audio textbooks are helpful to Emergent Bilinguals because they help students follow along by listening to the voice while they are reading. These books provide a read-aloud model for the students. It helps them here the tone as well as the pronunciation of the words.
3. Minimal pairs card hold-up - This is an activity where students have to listen to words being called out and choose from word cards that they
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Providing correct pronunciation by repeating students’ responses- When teachers dedicate time to correct students on the way they pronunciate, it benefits students by being able to hear the content, pronunciations and articulation. English Language Writing Skills
1. Graphic Organizers – Students can organize thoughts and ideas into graphic organizers. It can help students focus on the key ideas of the certain topic the graphic organizer is about.
2. Cloze passages - Students are given a passage with blank spaces to fill in where students come up with the words to fill in the blank spaces.
3. Quick write- Quick write is an activity where students are given a certain topic and they have to write about that certain topic for five minutes. They have to write until the time stops. The more they do this activity, the more they should write over time. This activity helps Emergent Bilinguals because it increases fluency.
Error Correction- In this activity, students have to figure out why they got the errors they did in their paper. The teacher will mark off errors in a paper they turned in and they have to figure out why they got those errors and fix them. This will help Emergent Bilinguals by fixing their own mistakes and understand why they were wrong. These students can ask classmates to help them figure out the mistakes and
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(2004). The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays: Gryphon House.

Material 2
- Title: Dos en el zoologico/Two at the Zoo bilingual board book (Spanish and English Edition)
Author: Dana Smith
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Age/Grade level: 5 years old /Kindergarten
Languages: English, Spanish
About the book: A boy and his grandfather decide to go the zoo for the day. The two put on their new hats and set off on a counting adventure at the zoo, where they see eagles, lizards, wart hogs, and other colorful zoo friends. The English and Spanish bilingual text is set in two colors for easy reading.
Strategy: As the book is read ask students look at the animals that are in the story. Students will pick their favorite animal in the story and with a partner compare and contrast them. Students may create an illustration and orally share with their partners the similarities and differences.
Smith, D., & Petrone, V. (2011). Dos en el zoologico/Two at the Zoo bilingual board book. Chicago, Illinois: HMH Books for Young Readers.

Material 3
- Title: My Diary from Here to There: Mi diario de aqui hasta alla
Author: Armada Irma Perez
Publisher: Children’s Book Press
Age/Grade level: 7 years old /1st

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