Essay on English As A Word Language

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1.1 Background
“ Of all language in the world today English deserves to be regarded as a word language. It is world’s most widely spoken language. It is the common means of communication between the people of different nations. One person out of every four on earth can be reached through English… In India, English continues to be the medium of instruction in school, colleges and universities, and is also the language of administration.

These words written by C.Paul verghese successfully express the palce and importance of English, not only in india but of all the world. Now English is universally accepted as world language. It is also considered as passpart language or window to the world. David Graddol (1997) termed it is a “ lingua franca of the modern era”. And this is very true because now people belongs to different country, community and culture prefer English as a means of their inter-personal communication. It is again surprising that being a multilingual nation, india is the third largest English speaking country after the US and UK. Now it is considered as “must know”. Language supporting this notion. Timely. J. Scarse states that “ it is not only important in getting a better job, it is everywhere in social interaction. If you can’t speak it then you are nobody.”

English is the language of industrialization, modernization and globalization. Today it becomes the language of trade and commerce, technology, language of administration and judiciary also language…

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