English As A Foreign Language Essay

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Statement of the Problem
Many English teachers in China use a traditional language teaching approach and provide few opportunities for students to practice English speaking. Chinese EFL students’ oral speaking tends to be ignored. Thus, many Chinese EFL learners are not able to speak fluent English.
The national education system in China has implemented an official policy, which mandates that English is a required course from Grade three till post-graduate level (He, 2015). This indicates that many students in China receive 12 years of formal English education. Lam (2002) argued that, to some extent, English teaching has been pushed by China’s wish to advance its international status. He further indicated that two major events make Chinese people get more enthusiastic about learning English. They are China’s joining World Trade Organization in 2001, and the 27th Olympic Game held in Beijing in 2008.
Nowadays, many people in China learn English as a foreign language. There is no doubt that English is a popular foreign language in China. Recent statistics indicate that there are 390.16 million people speaking English as a foreign language in China (Wei & Su, 2012). As Graddol (2006) indicated, the number of English learners in China is increasing and their average age is decreasing. However, in China, the teaching of oral English has been “a weak point” (Guo & Wang, 2013, p. 57). In addition, some students in China do not find it interesting to learn English (Zhang & Yang,…

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