English As A Foreign Language Essay

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A good practise while learning a foreign language is the reflection. One has to think critically what are his/her own strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to improve and reach his/her objectives. The aim of this review is precisely this – I will expose the key factors of my English learning, then I will indicate the ways that I find most and less useful to learn a language, next I will list my strong points and my weak spots and finally I will give some ideas to ameliorate my command of English as a foreign language.
I started studying English when I was six years old, which means I have been learning it for thirteen years. Until 2015, I studied it in two different environments: the school and a private academy. Personally, I consider that without the private classes I would not have reached the level that I have now, because, from my own experience, the way they teach English at schools, at least in Spain, is not the most efficient. Apart from that, I have spent one week in Poland, living with a local family, and I have also worked four summers in the tourist sector in my home town. Therefore, before this stay abroad I am experiencing now, my exposure to English had not been very significant. As of today, the highest qualification I have got is the B2, from the University of Cambridge, even though before starting my degree last year I should have done the C1 level exam, but the dates did not work well for me.
However, I do not want to stop my learning here, quite…

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