Essay on Energy Crises, Then and Now

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August 7, 2012
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Energy crisis is among the most alarming and distressing predicaments experiences by many developed and industrialized nations. Population growth and continuous increase of industrial plants had depleted energy reserves. This subject is deemed to be very interesting and essential as the issue posed to be a global concern. During the 16th and 17th century, energy crisis was experienced by Britain due to heightening industry demands. Woodcutting was changed into utilization of coal leading to deforestation. The people attempted to resolve this issue by developing
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2). In comparison with the present energy crisis, territorial expansion is not utilized by the countries to resolve the oil problem. Countries with the biggest oil reserves such as Iraq had bestowed oil extraction contracts to foreign companies so they may work on joint ventures and be granted with low oil prices. The two most populous Asian countries, India and China planned on purchasing oil from Iran using gold instead of dollar. This strategy may pose as another economic problem wherein it may heighten the gold standard and lower the dollar rate as the currency of global reserve. Energy crisis was experienced in Europe given that they solely relied on wood for home heating to manufacturing and other industrial processes. The discovery of coal enabled them to survive the little ice age they suffered during the early centuries however their environment deteriorated because of its thick smoke. The discovery of fuel taken from plants such as soybean, corn, switch grass, and sugar cane had enormously helped many countries in their struggle to mitigate oil consumption. In addition to this, hydrogen fuel and alternative aviation fuel allowed less energy usage for transport vehicles. The causes of energy crisis during the early centuries and

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