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Ali HassanEnder's game essay
21 April 2013

Ender's Game has many deep thoughts the reader can conclude. One of the important themes that the story has is the relationship between masculinity and femininity. I like to call the relationship between masculinity and femininity in Ender's Game “the circulation of features”. This name derived from the description and changes in characters. At the beginning the story gives the typical features of men and women. Women are emotional, but men are cold-hearted. At the end, we can observe that the features are turned over. Men expressed their emotions and what they really feel. Plus, women take responsibility and become harsh and cold. In fact, I am going to express the circulation of features in
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Her own way of manipulation is making other people do what she wants by convincing them. Unlike Valentine, Peter uses people's fears to get them to do what he wants (Ender's Game,127). This demonstrates that Valentine becomes colder in the sense of emotions because she is using the emotions instead of feeling them. On the other hand, masculinity becomes more soft and emotional. Alai, Ender's new and one of his best friends, shows respect and sweetness when he knows that Ender is transferred to salamander army. Then, he kisses Ender on the cheek and says “salaam” to him (Ender's Game,69). This shows that masculinity starts showing respect and kindness and less roughness . Also, when Ender visits his sister and both have a conversation, he tells her that he learns about his enemies until he loves them (Ender's Game,237). This shows that masculinity becomes more emotional in the story which is considered a characteristic of femininity in a lot of cultures.

Finally, the femininity and masculinity becomes closer than the beginning, as the story reaches the end. In the end, masculinity becomes more emotional and delicate. For example, Graff admits that he loves Ender and he cares about him (Ender's Game,290). This demonstrates that masculinity is becoming more soft and emotional. Also, Ender regrets when he kills all the buggers which leads him to cry more than any time and see himself like Peter (Ender's Game,297). This shows that the becomes

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