Employment Scenarios Of The Workplace Essay

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Employment Scenarios
Employers and managers should have well-written policies in the workplace. These policies should be well known to the employees of the company. The policies define the code of conduct in the workplace (Industrial Relations, 2013). They also have to state the disciplinary actions to be taken upon violation. These policies act as guidelines to dealing with situations that arise in the work setting. The employer needs to define the key terms in each policy, for example, if they say, “inappropriate” they need to state clearly what exactly is considered inappropriate. This enables the employees to understand the regulations and the sanctions involved (Industrial Relations, 2013).
The following are three case scenarios in which an employer has to deal with situations following an employee’s poor behavior in the work setting. These situations include; substance abuse, sexual harassment, work conflicts, fighting or any form of communication abuse.
Scenario 1
John Smith is a self-employed man who built his human resource and management consultancy firm from the ground up. The company is now doing remarkably well, and he is responsible for over one hundred employees. Brian Williams is among the first people John hired. He has worked in the organization for the ten years it has existed. He is a very efficient employee who has never disappointed his boss. Brian was recently involved in a car accident. He quickly recovered and was soon back to work. He…

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