Essay on Employees Assistance Program

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Employee Assistant Programs

Tonya Velazquez

Fayetteville Technical Community College

Business 137

Principles of Management

Ray Walters

22 April 2014


What is an employee assistant program? When did it start? Why is it needed? When should employees and employers utilize the program? Is it more cost-effective to hire new trainees and fire existing workers who no long perform to their full potential? This essay will give a brief outlook on the Employee Assistant Program and the benefits it gives not only to the employees but the business as a whole.

An employee assistant program or
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“Some effects of the illness are abnormal alterations in thinking, mood, or behavior that become associated with distress and impaired functioning. These mental alterations include disruptions of daily function; incapacitating personal, social, and occupational impairment; and premature death (“U.S. Adult Mental Illness)”. The most common mental illnesses found inside and outside of the workplace are anxiety and mood disorders.

Founders of Alcohol Anonymous, also known as AA, in 1935, paved the way for the Employee Assistant Program. It was in the 1940’s that the AA movement spread throughout the country. During that time alcohol abuse awareness became prominent in the workplace. In a course of the next ten to twenty years EAP served as contributive treatment program to coincide with alcoholism programs that began to appear in a small number of Federal agencies. In the 1970’s the Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Acts officially authorized organizations to start a program that would allow employers to acknowledge the problem between an employee and their alcohol or substance abuse and initiate a treatment plan(Chinn,Diane). Over time, employee assistant programs have expanded to include emotional and mental health, marital, family, dependent care, legal and financial issues, workplace violence incidents, and other problems that may affect employee job

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