Employee Voice

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Executive Summary
Employee voice can be categorized so as to include all types of workers and businesses. It is used by practically everyone and is beneficial for all parties.
Workers get the advantage of feeling more important in their organization and perhaps having their prospects improved to move up the pecking order. Employees get plenty of ideas of improving their industrial capabilities as well as the ability to deal with impending strikes or unsatisfactory working conditions before they become a serious issue and start to affect the cash flow or the profits.
Consumers benefit from improved products offered and better production quality from happier workers. Shareholders benefit in terms of often increased profits or even better the
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Although, intense dialogue with trade unions still stays as one of the main ways employees are able to express themselves. Various companies have different meanings for the employee voice and it is common for the definition to overlap with terms like employee contribution or individual dissatisfaction. On the plus side, it has to be noted that a many number of businesses see the development of employee voice in their organization as key to success.
Since the financial crisis began, trade union memberships and their power have declined significantly, especially in developing nations where international conglomerates are capable of much more against the local governments than in the developed nations where their consumers live. In fact, less than 25% of people in employment are the members of a trade union (Achur, 2011). Wages have seen decline as well. While it might be attributed to several other factors, decline of the role of trade unions is certainly one of them. However, the companies’ are looking to enjoy the advantages of employee voice even without the trade union involvement. Therefore, they have developed new ways of ensuring they get the best ideas out of their

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