Essay on Emotional And Emotional Emotions Of Emotional Responses

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Emotional Conditioning Emotional conditioning can be seen as the gateway to understanding a multitude of characteristics of human psychology (McLeod). The variation of emotional responses among people can be accounted for by life experiences and mental associations. Knowledge on conditioned emotional responses can be seen as limited, along much of the other knowledge associated with the brain’s workings. The many factors that contribute to the wide array of emotional responses can be more thoroughly analyzed, providing a justification as to why people respond in a specific manner. A conditioned emotional response is the result once a reaction has been established from repetitive scenarios, playing off of individuals’ emotions, contributing to primal safety knowledge, sometimes raising ethical flags, and providing insight to the human mind. As of today, scientists’ knowledge on the human psyche, specifically emotional responses, is both astonishing and restricted. On a broad spectrum, very little is known about the brain. By scaling into perspective the advancements made on the study of the mind, much has been discovered, specifically bringing emotional conditioning into focus. Emotional conditioning is said to be the response of two stimuli, which create a reaction within an individual or animal that has been learned, usually over time (McLeod). A stimuli is an event or object that creates a reaction or a response. When the response initially caused by a stimuli is…

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